Here are some ways to determin your Auto Insurance Company Rankings

Auto Insurance Company Rankings are found by the following;
Overall Satisfaction: This score is usually based on how customers rate every aspect of their service experience with their current auto insurance provider.

Contacting the Insurer: This score is based on how customers rate their experience interacting with their current auto insurance provider, whether through a local agent, a call-center representative, an automated phone system, or the company’s Web site.

Policy Offerings: This score is based on how customers rate the variety of coverage options offered by auto insurance providers and the extent to which they meet their needs.

Billing and Payment: This score is based on how customers rate the timeliness, clarity, and accuracy of their billing statements and the payment process of their current automotive insurance provider.

Pricing: This score is based on how customers rate their current auto insurance provider on the price of the policy given the level of coverage.

How to Calculate General Damages Auto InsuranceHere's the steps to making your Auto Insurance Company Rankings higher, simply by making them toe the line!

First: First think about the type of injuries you have sustained and how they'll impact your life. Such as a back injury that makes your job more difficult to do is worth more than a headache that lasts for a few weeks.

Second: Know the minimum and maximum limits for pain and suffering claims in your state or city. Many times an insurance company is capped by the amount they can give, which makes filing your claim a little easier.

Third: Ask your insurance company how they usually determine the cost of general damages. Some companies multiply the medical bills by a set amount, while others will only give less than that amount.

Fourth: Include any future medical bills, time taken off work and other problems that may arise once the claim has been settled. A settlement may include all bills paid at that time, but not what might happen in the future and this is where they will short change you.

Fifth: Use a personal injury attorney to help determine the proper amount. Even though you'll have to pay for their services, they can help you get the right amount and not settle for an amount that is too low.

Sixth: Add up the bills you will accumulate from the injury including time off work and medical expenses, times that by three. This is a general formula used by a number of personal injury law firms.

Seventh: Negotiate with the insurance company to find an amount that both sides agree on. Offer different amounts until each side is happy.Here is an important Tip

* Don't be afraid to ask for more money or to demand it. Insurance companies are absolutely notorious for offering less for a claim than their client needs. I am a personal victim of this kind of behavior. Another problem that goes along with this is they hold out of you an amount until you get the problem fixed and if you don't have enough money to fix it then they never give you the rest of the money. In other words you loose twice. Auto Insurance Company Rankings

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