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When someone rents a car, and needs California Rental Car Insurance the automobile rental companies hold the renter accountable under the rental agreement for any damage to their car. They will offer a Damage Waiver at an extra cost. This Damage Waiver is not insurance, but a contractual agreement between the renter and rental company. If a waiver is not purchased, it is very important to review your own automobile policy to determine if any extension of coverage applies. Also, establish how the liability coverage afforded by your policy applies in the event you are at fault in an accident with the rented vehicle. In California, you are required to have auto insurance regardless of whether you are driving your own car or if you are renting one as it is in most states.

Rental car companies provide wide ranges of auto insurance coverage and it would not be smart to blindly select a California Rental Car Insurance Company as every policy offers its individual advantages under each particular situation. You should examine each policy offered and judge it against the requirements you have. It would be a good idea to discuss the policy with the car rental agent, rather than just read the summary over their website. However if you do not have time, for this then you must get several quotes from different insurance companies to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. No pun on Bang :-)

Make a special note, sometimes you are not required to purchase any California Rental Car Insurance because you are already covered by your other cars insurance.

Usually, your coverage does remain the same with a rented car as it would if you would be driving your own vehicle. Also, you could be covered by auto insurance coverage under your credit cards. You should check with your credit card company and see if the coverage to which you are entitled and if there are any Car Insurance Money Saving Ideas. Before you rent a vehicle, check the financial and insurance obligation you will face, and find out how these would be covered by your own auto insurance.

In case you do need to exercise your insurance policy and realize that certain aspects are not currently covered, you should check if it would be covered under other insurance policies.

Also another way to save is to find out the to save you money while renting.

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An article from the California TimesCheck before purchasing California Rental Car Insurance, Chances are good that you already are covered by your auto policy or through a credit card.
PERSONAL FINANCE CALIFORNIA RENTAL CAR INSURANCE November 18, 2007|Kathy M. Kristof, Times Staff Writer

If you're renting a car over the holidays, chances are a clerk at the counter will try to sell you some pricey insurance options. Should you fork out the extra cash?

Probably not, experts say.That's because there's a very good chance the auto insurance policy you already have would kick in if you had an accident while driving a rental. And sometimes the credit card you use to rent the car offers coverage too. In both cases, however, it pays to check because there can be some significant exclusions.

"Many auto insurance policies do provide all the coverage you need and it would be a waste of money to buy insurance at the rental counter," California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner said. "But there is a great variation between policies."

Your own policy follows you, no matter what car your drive, said Candysse Miller, spokeswoman for the Insurance Information Network of California. That means that your rental car -- or a car you borrow -- is insured up to your existing policy's coverage limits and is subject to the same deductible.

But under certain circumstances, that coverage might be inadequate or might not apply.

One such situation is when you rent for a long stretch. Many policies limit the number of consecutive days that they'll cover you in a rental car. State Farm commonly sets the limit at 21 days for each vehicle you have on your policy. Farmers will cover you for up to 30 consecutive days.

Also, most U.S. auto insurers don't extend their coverage to policyholders when they drive overseas. Allstate, for example, will cover policyholders no matter where they're driving in the U.S., including U.S. possessions and territories, as well as in Canada. But it provides only limited coverage if you cross the border into Mexico. If you're an Allstate customer and rent a car in Europe, you're on your own.

The rental car coverage you get under your regular policy is identical to the coverage you have on your own vehicle, including the deductibles and restrictions. But that could leave you with a significant financial risk when you rent.

To understand that, it's important to note that an auto insurance policy is made up of several components, each bearing different limits and restrictions.

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