Long Term Disability Insurance

Who needs Long Term Disability InsuranceIt's faster to figure out who doesn't need it than who does.There are 3 groups of people who do not need Long Term Disability.

They are;

  • People who have lots of assets:People with at least 3 million in liquid assets and are comfortable with using it for that type of care.

  • People who qualify for the federal program:Medi-caid pays for Long Term Disability Insurance Care for those in near poverty conditions. Call your state Office to find out if you qualify. You might be surprised what they consider poverty.

  • People with moderate assets who are willing to spend it down to the point that the Federal program will pay the rest:If you are in a bind, and don't have any heirs this is an excellent option for you as you won't be needing it after your gone anyway, correct? :-)

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